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3D Curved screen, just an art you are looking for

Look ! This is exquisite whole curved screen, integral molding design breaking the border of restriction, smooth rounded lines and seamless into the metal frame,more pure visual experience, more smooth and delicate touches. Allcall Rio just a piece art you loved with.

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Dual cameras processor, more detail effects, higher advanced technology

Equipped with separate sensor for each camera, the main Sony cameras responsible for capturing static image; while the black and white sub-camera enhancing the brightness, depth or of field and details. Two sensor take picture separately but work together,after dual sensor processing, give you photos more vivid clarity and stunning detail.


Powerful SONY sensor for stunning photos

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Love Sefile from Rio

The 2MP front camera sensor, takes selfie technology to the next level. Enjoy exquisite clarity and vivid, natural colors with every shot

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AllCall original triple glass protect, Beauty and The beast

AllCall Rio with 1.8mm thickness glass cover, which is triple than other ordinary mobile phones .AMohs hardness up to 8H, have good effect in anti- Scratched in daily use.Super glass cover combined with metal frame, more solid than the general phone, more sturdy, more reliable.


Multi-layer protection, stronger explosion proof

1.8mm thickness glass cover gives AllCall Rio all-round protection. Anti-scratch, explosion proof , we made more than you expected.

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Beauty-not the only one we are pursuit, through many tough test.

AllCall Rio hard than you expectation. Beauty and solid just as a diamond meet all your needs.

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Long Lasting Battery Keeps You Powered Up Longer

Keep on playing as long as you want, with a 2700mAh battery. In addition, Rio’s powerful Smart Engine battery management system protects your battery usage by monitoring background activity to limit battery drainage.

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